Rain Data

A key component of any flow report is collecting accurate rain data.  Drnach Environmental currently maintains a network of rain gauges throughout the western Pennsylvania region. Tipping Bucket Rain gauges are used, which can be installed and downloaded by our field technicians and then integrated into our reports.  Clients may wish to utilize their own rain gauges, as long as they meet quality control guidelines. Information about our rain gauges (and others) can be found at
J & S Instruments, Inc. 

The data from our rain gauges for 2006 through 2014 is available here.

An available 3rd party resource is the 3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program.  Any community located within the boundaries of this program can, if they choose, use the rain data provided on their website.

Below is a map of western Pennsylvania indicating the past and present locations of our rain gauges.
Rain data is available beginning in 2015 to our clients upon request.